Grab that picnic blanket

Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Summer In London!

Explore more of London’s green territory and squeeze in as many picnics in the park as you can. Our recommendation? Grab some snacks and a picnic blanket and perch on top of Primrose Hill and enjoy the summer sunsets (with arguably the best view of the whole city).


Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Summer In London!

For astonishing views of London to rival the London Eye, and with free entry to boot, head to Primrose Hill. A perfect spot for a picnic and to watch the sunset over the distant skyline. Primrose Hill boasts an atmosphere that is as beautiful as its views. Couples and families sprawl on the grass year-round, and there’s no nicer way to spend an afternoon than sprawled on a picnic blanket watching life unfold on the hill. Therefore, Grab that blanket!


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