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‘Hygge’, pronounced H(Y)OO-guh, has been named the runner up word of the year after ‘Brexit’ and ‘Trumpism.

There is little chance, though, that you fully understand the meaning of the word.

I am not going to try and explain it here. All the major UK newspapers have already wasted pages and pages analysing and explaining the word with little or no success.

Instead we will try to create “En hyggelig aften” (an evening of “hygge”) so you can experience yourself.

Not much, if anything, will happen, but don’t worry, that’s an important part of the concept.

Christmas Hygge Event

However, after receiving valuable advice from my friends at the bar at the Princess Of Wales, there will be drinks and a bit of food.

I will make festive cocktails and our friends from St Marys Brewery will present their brand new Pale Ale ‘Crypt’.

We do hope that you will come. Its gonna be very very uncool, but in a kind of cool way.”

Primrose Hill Open Mic Comedy Night 2

Primrose Hill Open Mic Comedy Night 1

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