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Shepherds Markets are purveyors of fine food Markets and our mission is to celebrate London as an open city of healthy, tasty, affordable, authentic, varied, inclusive, sustainable, ethical, diverse, accountable & community-building food Markets.


Healthy: the health of our customers is a priority. All lunchtime traders wishing to operate at our markets have to demonstrate to an external body that their food is healthy and nutritious. Our existing lunchtime traders have been awarded the Food for Health award by a local authority and all the new traders joining Shepherds Markets are expected to do the same. We believe our markets are the first to actively promote healthy food.

Tasty: everybody knows that if the ingredients are top quality and associated with one another in a balanced way, then you will have a tasty dish. Our lunchtime traders follow traditional recipes which were put together by generations before them.

Affordable: you will find at our markets value for money food and we intend to keep it this way.
Authentic: we believe that customers have the right to be served lunchtime food by the chefs who were raised on the food they are selling. Our new policy is to find traders who embody the heritage of their food and with sound provenance.

Varied: at most of our markets you will find an array of food, from cheese to cakes to bread to lunch and it is our mission that all our markets become so.
Inclusive: at our markets you will find vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and Halal food. We are tirelessly working towards making our markets open to the entire public.

Sustainable: Sustaining the Market as a whole: we work hard to ensure our market has a balance of food on offer.

Sustaining each trader: our policy of allowing one trader to specialize in one type of food helps very small businesses and at the same time promotes entrepreneurship.
Sustaining the producers: we prioritize the producer for example with pitch location
Sustaining the local economy of the location where we hold the markets: a percentage of local tenants are welcome to attend our markets.

Ethical: our mission is to police the provenance of each food, e.g. fair-trade, local economies, welfare of animals, welfare of the planet.

Diverse: at our markets local meets global to reflects the vibrancy and cosmopolitan heritage of London.
Accountable and community-building: the variety of traders tend to be constant- this is so that they build a relationship of trust and accountability with their customers.

Why our mission: Food markets are becoming increasingly popular and, as organizers of markets which provide food, we have a duty of care towards our customers, products sold, traders and the location where the market is held.


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