Primrose Hill Community Centre

PHCA is based in the Community Centre in Hopkinson’s Place. They run events, activities, classes and workshops, with the community centre being fully utilised during the week and weekends.


Primrose Hill Community Association


The PHCA was set up in the 1980s and given a permanent home at 29 Hopkinson’s Place, Fitzroy Road in 1978 by Camden Council. This was originally the boiler house for the Hopkinson’s Piano Factory. This area was the heart of piano manufacturing in Victorian London when a piano was as essential in family homes as a broadband connection is now, but they became less fashionable and the factory closed. How fortunate then that Camden Council were persuaded to give the building to the community rather than converting the entire site into residential dwellings. This is all thanks to the late Diana Gurney and others who saw that demolition need not be inevitable.

Primrose Hill is rich in talented neighbours who like to get involved. One of these was David Gray who, sadly, died in 2014. A gifted architect, David had the vision for the potential use of our community building and he insisted on it being conserved with the exposed brickwork and industrial heritage on show.

The Community Association relies entirely on locally raised funding through activites, events and bookings and the fantastic unstinting support they receive from volunteers, local businesses and individuals.

They pride themselves on being one of the foremost community associations in London who aim to always offer the highest standard of service to the community and to keep you informed of issues which concern you and the area.


Hopkinsons Place 29
London NW1 8TN England GB
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