Grocery Food Delivery for the time of Covid19

Ingredient shopping, takeaway & delivery in London

Food Delivery & Eating in the time of COVID-19

Below is the crowdsourced list of Grocery Food Delivery resources that will be updated regularly with a variety of options that might help you to eat well at home during the isolation period and to support the local suppliers, independent food sellers and restaurateurs that have helped create such a vibrant food scene in London.


Grocery Food Delivery, food boxes, fruit and veg, meal kits, coffee, delis, dry goods, bakers:

  • Deliveroo, the British food delivery company, is offering “no-contact” pickups and deliveries for restaurants and customers. What’s more, it will offer its couriers sick pay for up to 14 days.
  • Wolt, the Finnish food delivery company, has also moved to no-contact deliveries and pickups — and launched a financial support programme for couriers diagnosed with Covid-19 or put into quarantine.
  • Farmdrop and Crisp, both online grocery platforms, are experiencing unusual demand. Oddbox, a
  • London-based surplus food delivery service, has had to stop accepting new orders — aside from healthcare workers and elderly and vulnerable people.
  • Local Primrose Hill Sweet Things Cakery is delivering essentials like coffee, flour, chocolate, just email [email protected]   
  • Dot’s Provisions – London based caterer who is delivering fresh healthy lunch for kids and adults daily in Primrose Hill and Belsize Park.
  • Bring, a free shopping list app, is helping people shop for vulnerable and elderly neighbours.
  • Local Kentish Town coffee place The Fields Beneath transformed their business intro grocery delivery.
  •  For 60 years I.A.Harris & Son have been supplying customer with food, now delivering to your door.
  • Juno, another workplace wellbeing platform, has launched a food and essentials delivery service open to all Londoners in need. It’s free — people just have to pay for the food.
  • First Choice Produce are purveyors of speciality fine foods for the hotel and restaurant industry in London, but now deliver to your home.
  • Farm Drop — collator of quality independent farmers and producers. Nationwide(?)
  • Food Chain — collator of restaurant suppliers, now serving London retail
  • Borough Market — is open, quiet and open air. So if you are within walking or cycle distance, maybe one of the best places to shop at a social distance? They also have Good Sixty, an online shopping and mobile delivery hub (waiting 10 mile radius, possibly expanding to within the M25). Good Sixty also have hubs in Bath and Bristol serving local artisans.
  • Riverford — full of customers right now, but keep an eye on it.
  • Abel & Cole — also busy, but also keep on eye on how things develop over the next few weeks.
  • I bet there are a load of other farm boxes out there (and local). Google.
  • Harvey and Brockless are a large restaurant supplier who are now sending their vans to homes nationwide. A mix of artisanal produce and lots of things you’d recognise from the supermarket too.
  • Natoora — specialist fruit and veg, particularly strong on seasonal Spanish, Italian and British produce. On Ocado but opening their wholesale app to retail and delivering in their vans. Stores in Spa Terminus and West London too.
  • Oui Chef Veg — £35 veg and £25 fruit boxes to all London postcodes.
  • Entremettier — restaurant wholesaler now shifting veg boxes on the Northcote Road
  • Pale Green Dot — wonderful farm fresh produce delivered from Sussex to your door (Sussex and London).
  • A number of New Covent Garden wholesalers have announced veg box / delivery schemes to anywhere with a London postcode within the M25 [update 1 April: there are LOADS on the CG list now, so do browse this].
  • Entremettier who usually deliver fresh fruit & veg from New Covent Garden market to restaurants but are now doing home deliveries.
  • Solstice Food — restaurant suppliers, now delivering.
  • — £25, £35, £45 and so on boxes, around London.
  • First Choice Produce — have an online shop with veg boxes, also eggs (eggs!), milk (milk!) and more. London and Henley-ish.
  • Odd Box — the excellent wonky veg box delivers across Great London postcodes (new orders paused for the moment but I’m sure they’ll reopen).
  • Flourish Produce, dropping veg boxes at the sites of a handful of East London and Cambridge restaurants.
  • Puntarelle — Bermondsey. Now opening Thursday, Friday, Saturday for the foreseeable.
  • The All Greens family — Clifton Greens, Parkway Greens, Clocktower Greens, Newington Greens — open for socially distance shopping and now home delivery too.
  • The Tomato Stall (Isle of Wight tomatoes) are about to get into their ‘season’ and will have lots of 3kg of boxes to deliver. Good value for what you get and worth keeping an eye on.
  • Outside London you’ll see lots of F&V wholesalers are delivering, too, like West Country Fruit Sales
  • Or, my Mum says her local farm shop guy, Clive, is arranging a no contact click and collect service in the car park … basically, visit your local greengrocer.
  • Shipton Mill — flour. Online orders down for now as so busy, but they mill on. Deliver nationally.
  • Wessex Mill — also flour. Also busy. Online shop will be back open next week. Deliver nationally.
  • Sous Chef — pastas, flours, rice, vinegars etc, deliver nationally.
  • Hodmedods — British grown pulses and grains, deliver nationally.
  • Belazu — grains, beans, flours, rice, oil, vinegars, deli treats, pastes, spices etc (includes fresh pasta from La Tua).
  • Rooted Spices — for your spice cupboards.
  • Spice Mountain — for your spice cupboards. Some dried beans and pulses too. Online but also Borough Market.
  • SeeWoo — Chinatown’s Oriental and Asian supermarket, now delivering central London
  • WaiYeeHong — online Oriental and Asian supermarket — Bristol-based, nationwide delivery
  • Pophams — fresh pasta and sauces (and croissants?) for pick up and delivery, 1 mile radius London Fields.
  • Ombra — fresh pasta, sauces, produce, tiramisu. Pick-up and delivery (set times) Hackney.
  • And for not quite as fresh but still fresh pasta kits delivered nationwide, Pasta Evangelists.
  • The Laughing Heart — from next week, ‘comfort’ (but going to be classy) ready meals and natty wines.
  • Pidgin – clever 3 courser (plus focaccia) for home re-plating/cooking. Changes daily. Pick up from Hackney restaurant.
  • Eat Eight is the frozen ready-meal — from a catering company now without events.
  • Roundhill Roastery — What I’m currently brewing (the Claude, and the Rimiro from Burundi, just fyi). Great UX and value.
  • Monmouth Coffee — Here before the whole artisan coffee thing kicked off. Covid-19 allowing, they’ll be here for many years more too. Have the relationships and buying power to ensure that your beans are fairly purchased and top quality.
  • Square Mile — For a long time the way you could tell a new cafe was going to serve you a decent coffee, was that you could spy kilo bags of Square Mile beans on the shelves. Not so ubiquitous now, but still a/the leader. So great to have them at home, no?
  • Colonna — Bath-based, very slick and thoughtful interface for ordering. Also do better than average coffee pods for nespresso machines.
  • James Gourmet Coffee — VERY good value, expertly roast coffee beans, from long-established roasters and trainers.
  • Origin Coffee — Cornwall-based roasters, but if you’re a Londoner you may have seen their cafes and concessions. Kind of interesting because even for filter beans they do blends (most others focus on single origin). Also, everything on their site is 20% off through April (gadgets as well as beans).
  • Caravan — single bags, subscription and / or tea are all available for delivery atm.
  • Kiss the Hippo — fairly new but highly regarded roasters. Free shipping atm.
  • Workshop Coffee — really like their espresso-based coffees from the cafes. Filter beans good too. Shop is easy to use and also a good source of hardware.
  • In more rural communities that don’t have Deliveroo operating people are creating Facebook groups to share menus and delivery information for takeaways and restaurants that may become takeaways
  • Lauren Dudley – London based content creator offering to help restaurants to set up as take-away outlets, charged on an honesty basis: “I can handle the full move across to Deliveroo/UberEATS/Just Eat including optimised menu descriptions and imagery, and launch deals”.
  • The bulk restaurant suppliers are doing deliveries directly in the UK via and app.
  • Bakery group Paul opens The Grocery Market delivery hub

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